Magnetic Materials (Part 2)

Following the previous content of Huaguang Electronics, let me continue to introduce it to you.

1. Ferromagnetic materials: refers to materials with ferrimagnetic properties, such as various ferrite materials. Below the Neel temperature, when an external magnetic field is applied, the net magnetic moments of its magnetic domains tend to be neatly arranged in the direction of the external magnetic field, giving the material a greater magnetization intensity.

2. Permanent magnet material: After the magnet is magnetized, it can still maintain strong magnetism even if the external magnetic field is removed. It is characterized by high coercive force and large magnetic energy product. Permanent magnet materials can be divided into the following three categories: (1) Metal permanent magnet materials; (2) Ferrite permanent magnet materials; (3) Other categories, etc.

3. Soft magnetic materials: Magnetic materials that are easy to magnetize and demagnetize are called soft magnetic materials. It is characterized by low coercivity and high magnetic permeability. Soft magnetic materials can be divided into metallic soft magnetic materials and non-metallic soft magnetic materials. The former is mainly used in the low frequency range, while the latter can be used in the high frequency and ultra-high frequency ranges.

In the electric power industry, soft magnetic materials are used as the cores of transformers, motors, and engines. In the radio industry, soft magnetic materials are used in relays, transformers, filters, oscillators, chokes, various types of inductors, wireless, deflection coils, meters, magnetic amplifiers, magnetic heads, non-contact switches, and high-frequency welding wait.

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