[Huaguang] Fully automatic image rapid measurement system for all-round measurement



Huaguang adheres to the corporate philosophy of "quality first, integrity first"; adhering to the entrepreneurial purpose of "quality first, excellent service, customer first," to provide users with more accurate and convenient measuring instruments. This week, the technical staff will go deep into Discuss the application of this device in practical measurements.



The fully automatic image rapid measurement system can complete the measurement of all characteristic dimensions of the workpiece in a few seconds; it can measure a single piece or multiple workpieces at the same time; it is intelligently triggered to automatically measure the workpiece after it is stabilized, and the data can be presented, even for multiple pieces. Workpieces can be measured at the same time, and multiple measurement data of each workpiece can be accurately read, which greatly reduces operation time and makes it faster. Error comparison is faster and more accurate.



The company's technical staff also discussed the measurement and error calibration of various irregular components. For different workpieces and quantities, this equipment can quickly measure various dimensional parameters at all angles, and save the measurement parameters of the same workpiece to facilitate batch measurement. , the accuracy can still reach 5μm under a wide field of view; auto-focus, high repeatability; special light source combination, super edge-finding algorithm, easy measurement of complex contour dimensions.


The fully automatic image rapid measurement system adopts an intelligent selection measurement program, one-click measurement, automatically determines whether the data is qualified or not, automatically selects the data correction algorithm, and automatically generates a data report.

No need for reference coordinate positioning, automatic measurement after intelligent identification, up to 100 dimensions can be measured simultaneously, high precision, easy to obtain accurate results, easy to learn operation method, no training required, easy to complete the measurement, it is a relatively advanced measurement system currently on the market.



This equipment has a wide range of uses and can be used in factory quality inspection departments, production departments, design departments, and metrology and inspection departments. It can be used for dimensional inspection and review of outsourced parts; quick inspection and review of product dimensions at the end of the production line; and uniform dimensions before assembly. Inspection; auxiliary design of prototype parts, rapid inspection of multiple dimensions; rapid inspection of multiple dimensions such as length, angle, etc.


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